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This is The Easiest and Most Automatic Way To Get Your Instagram Views To Go Viral

All of the Top Instagram Influencers are Using this Secret Trick

Instagram has over 700 million monthly users. That is a HUGE number and it makes sense you would want to tap into this userbase with your marketing. It’s incredibly frustrating to post picture-perfect filtered photos and videos, all in the hopes of building an Instagram following, only to have zero people comment or even like your post.

The good news is there’s a way to get around this problem and build an authentic following that will grow your social media bottom line. Instagram is still so new that their algorithm is easy to understand (and manipulate) if you have the right tools.

Most people struggle to get enough authentic interaction with their Instagram posts, but some people have found a way to EXPLODE their Instagram following and get their audience engaged with tons of likes and comments.

With a secret ‘auto view’ weapon, we built a ton of REAL followers to our Instagram because the algorithm rewards these interactions by sharing your photo or video with even more people.

The best part? It’s so easy that ANYONE can do it – even if you’ve never used Instagram before.

The thing is, if you want to build a hyper targeted hungry following… you better get in now. Instagram is still new to the social media scene, but it won’t always be that way. Especially once this strategy gets out and is used by more people.

That is why right now is the best time to act.

Let’s look at how buying auto views works.

Everything You Need to Know BEFORE Buying Automatic Instagram Views

Social media is an effective tool for getting your name out there – ESPECIALLY media-focused platforms like Instagram. Just look at poker and internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian, who uses Instagram to showcase his American Dream lifestyle to over 15 million followers that eat up his photos of private jets, pool parties, and luxurious life.

You can carve a chunk of this for yourself if you play your cards right.
In fact, it is so easy, our grandmas could follow these steps.

The first thing to do is get your piece of content ready. Once you have that, post it to your account and then order some automatic views. Don’t worry – these will turn into REAL views quickly. We’ll explain how.

We were worried at first that it would be too obvious that we were using automatic views – but we found out that no one knows if you’re using auto-views or not.

No one can see if the people looking at the posts are fake or real. Look at the automatic views as a way to rev your engine. You are just getting started here and the automatic views will get more people to see your content.

After all, Instagram rewards content that its algorithm believes people want to see by showing even more people that piece of content.

As more people look at your stuff, you will also gain genuine likes and comments. Just like views, the more likes and comments your stuff gets, the better it is going to do. Instagram will keep promoting it again and again by showing it to more people.

That’s how easy it is.
Buy Automatic Views > Instagram’s algorithm sees the post as popular > Instagram shows the post to even MORE people – real people > the post gets tons of shares, views, and comments from real users who actually want to see it.

Sounds pretty good right?

There’s more. Once you buy the automatic views, this process runs on autopilot and your Auto View Managers takes care of everything.

Of course, you should respond to people’s comments on your posts to help create more engagement since at the end of the day, engagement is what will make your post go viral. But it also makes money and drives traffic to your brand or business.

Say goodbye to dead photos and unwatched videos.
If you follow our process, you will have a thriving following on Instagram.

Here are some other ways auto views will bring you real traffic.

Here’s How Buying Auto Views Gets You More Real Followers Fast

How would you feel if you could just pay a small subscription to build your Instagram following the easy way? This completely automated system gets eyes on your videos, and sends actual traffic with money in hand to your business or sales letters!

If the answer is: You would feel amazing, then you are in the right place. We know EXACTLY how this feels because we’ve done it ourselves!

And it’s so easy! All you need to do is choose your package, and provide your Instagram username. We put that username into our database that checks your profile every five minutes for new content.

Your fresh content will be promoted immediately. This is all done without you having to lift a single finger!

Simply post your video content, get automatic interactions to rev up your post, and watch your content be promoted across Instagram – building you a genuine following.

And if you want to move the Instagram machine even quicker?
For faster growth, simply choose a bigger plan.

Each plan contains a set amount of views for your content.
Remember, Instagram rewards you for having more of them, so you want to get as many as you can.

If your account is brand new, you might start on the lower plan just to build up a more natural profile. As your social media following increases, upgrade to help your videos expand their reach even more.

And if you’re worried about sustainable results or security?
We use the most advanced and secure technology available to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need. Our customer service is top notch, and our service works like a charm – every single time.

Just look what this recent Auto-Views client had to say:

“I’m a graphic designer by trade. There is a lot of competition in what I do, and I thought with my ability to make cool videos that I would be able to exploit Instagram as a way to get more clients. Sadly, this was not the case. I spent grueling hours on these videos and would get no traction whatsoever. That is where Automatic Views really saved my day. Before them, I would be lucky to get five maybe ten people to see my videos. Afterward, I started getting a couple hundred and things started really taking off. Now I’m averaging about 1 to 2 new clients for my graphic business per week! This is awesome!” Henry T., Graphic Designer

Are you ready to get started with this secret tool for yourself?

Ready To Explode Your Instagram Following By Buying Auto Views? Here’s How To Test This Secret Tool Out For Yourself.

The process of getting views to your Instagram videos is simple. All you need to do is visit our page, scroll down to the ordering page and pick your package.

Whether you need a couple hundred interactions or over a thousand, we have you covered. Using state-of-the-art technology and secure systems, we provide the best auto view experience on the market.

But don’t take our word for it – try it out for yourself!

It’s completely risk free.

If you need to cancel for whatever reason, it is easy. Let us know and our customer service will be on it lightning quick. With packages starting at just $9.95, it’s easy and inexpensive to try.

At this point, you have 3 options to grow your Instagram following:

  1. Try and grow a following yourself and waste dozens of hours of manpower on trying to figure out how to do this the “organic” way.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you, which will likely be using some kind of service like ours and marketing up the price -charging you top dollar for it.
  3. Or – you could try out one of our affordable packages and let us grow your account for you while you focus on posting content and responding to your growing fan base.

For less than a double date to the movies… this seems like a pretty fair deal, right?

Ready to try it out for yourself?
Start building an Instagram following that is hungry to buy what you’re selling – before your competitor beats you to It!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Auto Views

The truth is, it is a HUGE uphill battle to build up an organic following on your own without any tools. Your competitors could be using tools and services like us day in and day out to build explosive growth with their Instagram following.

So why shouldn’t you?

All you need is the automatic views to rev the engines of your content. Once you have this “primer”, Instagram will award you with more exposure, leading to even more traffic. These extra views will turn into likes and genuine comments.

From there, real people will start following you and listening to what you have to say, including purchasing goods or services from your business.

All without you having to do anything other than post content. We take care of the rest.

Do you want to build out a hugely profitable Instagram following while doing nothing but posting content?

Sounds pretty good, right?
Try it for yourself completely risk free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, it’s natural to have questions or be skeptical when trying a new marketing tool. Here’s a list of the most common questions our clients have:

  1. How many Videos will you add the views to each month?
    1. We auto add to 90 of your posts each month
  2. How fast do you deliver?
    1. Every 5 minutes, our technology will scan your username to see if there is any new content to promote. The auto views start appearing right away.
  3. Can I cancel anytime?
    1. You can cancel your Subscription by logging into Paypal and following these instructions:
  4. Can I upgrade my Package?
    1. Yes, we can manually upgrade your account, please visit the support page to get in touch with us.
  5. What do I do if I don’t receive my Views?
    1. Please contact support so we can see if there are any issues with your account.
  6. Will People know I bought Auto Views?
    1. There is no way for other people to know that you bought visitors. The number that appears on your video shows only how many people have seen it, not who has seen it.


I was impressed with how quickly the views were added to my post, A+++
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This is the first time I used a service like this, generally I don't trust sites like this, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked.
- Henry

The Likes came through

Very good job guys, it works everytime, I feel like posting more and more videos because of you... ty
- John A.
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