Marketing Strategy For Social Media

Why You Need An In-depth Digital Marketing Strategy For Social Media

With the growth of technology, the up-and-coming digital age is allowing businesses to branch out into different platforms to touch their target audience. Social media is now becoming one of the top platform choices for brands and companies alike to interact and have a one-on-one conversation with users. Social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram are now being used to strengthen brand behavior and persona.

In this day and age, a brand that is not on social media typically has a much harder time reaching out to their customers. People love the fact that when using these digital platforms there is another person on the other side that they’re talking to. It makes interactions with customers seem more like a conversation with a two-way communication street rather than just a brand speaking to the buyer. This is why it is important to have a thorough and well thought out marketing strategy when using digital channels.

Thankfully, we at AutomaticViews have the tools to help you create mind-blowing marketing strategies guaranteed to interest your audience, whatever the industry may be.

What Is A Social Media Strategy Anyway?

When contemplating about using social media, people typically don’t really consider the strategy aspect of the platform. A social media strategy will determine how you will use digital channels to gain or reach communication goals. How you react to customers and use these platforms will define your brand’s reputation, whether it’s for a business or an individual. A lack of presence or strategy can actually be helping your competitors and giving them the upper hand.

Why Should We Use Social Media At All

Social media is a great and unlimited hub for research and to possibly turn strangers into potential customers. There’s a multitude of reasons to use social media, one is it can help you find great information and data to produce new content ideas. Whether through online reviews, discussion forums, or within the comments of a post or video there’s so much you can learn and understand about your customers just by listening and absorbing what they say and write online. New opportunities are everywhere on digital platforms just waiting to be picked, you just have to be on top of social trends and join the conversation before competitors do.

As we’ve said, social media channels can provide insights into your next great marketing strategy. It’s also great for SEO, it’s the perfect platform to create long-lasting relationships with social media influences and to create online buzz. This is something known as link building, the better you rank on Google or other search engines, the greater chance you have to gain more visits to your main site.

Why Instagram You Ask?

It’s important to stay in touch with industry trends, especially when it can affect your relationship with the customer. It’s even better if you can persist ahead of trends, or perhaps even make those trends yourself. Instagram has become a rising star in the social media world, specifically for its great reach to users. An Instagram video marketing strategy is now considered a must-have by many in the industry. It has been discovered that people are more likely to interact with content that is in the form of a video more so than that which is just a photo or text. This is incredibly important for individuals and businesses alike to understand when creating content strategies.

That being said, Instagram has a culture of its own. People typically believe that Instagram and other image-sharing platforms can be used the same or are interchangeable, but this would be a mistake. On Instagram you only have 60 seconds to grab someone’s attention, this can be damaged if you use long captions or seem to be too commercialized, but what is most important is for your audience to have all the information they need to find you or your business. This includes your bio and link to your main site. To have a successful social media strategy you have to understand all the ins and outs of Instagram and that it can essentially be a platform used to strengthen your own credibility and integrity as a brand.

Why Should We Lean Towards Video?

Not only do videos call for more attention from consumers than any other medium, but it is also a visually active type of content that is more likely to gain high engagement. Even technology is now leaning more towards video production because of this increase in video consumption. We’re seeing more and more smartphones, tablets, and computers becoming more video friendly.

Not to mention, it is estimated that most viewers will stop to watch more than half of a video’s content rather than stop scrolling to view, comment, or like a simple photo. So if you have something important to say it seems ideal to put it in a video rather than a photo with a caption. Videos are as well known to create stronger emotional connections to people. It may be the #1 way to evoke emotions on social media, especially when paired with music, facial expressions, language, or tone of voice.

Key Tools And Tips To Live By

Once you have become a little more accustom to Instagram as a channel, it’s important to use hashtags effectively. Hashtags are one of the quickest ways to gain followers and hit your target audience. It’s essential to use hashtags selectively and to not clutter a post with unnecessary or confusing word selections. What it comes down to is posting videos that can tell a great story, Instagram does this very well in just 60 seconds. It’s vital to branch out and to make interesting, engaging, and creative content. Show your brand’s versatility by showcasing it in a new way and break away from standard marketing methods.

Ultimately, when a brand is deciding what platforms or social networks are best for the company, think video. Viewers are more likely to interact, share, like, and comment on content that is paired with a video than anything else. If you give people a reason to listen you’ll see their interest will shortly follow.

That being said, reach out to experts for help. Our team at AutomaticViews is always eager to help people or businesses reach their social media goals by giving honest advice and services. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for guidance today.