Top 15 Social Media Strategies For Start-Ups In 2017

It’s the middle of 2017 and SMM (or social media marketing) is only getting bigger. A start-up might lack budget and experience but with right planning and implementation, it can rock social media promotions. Let’s find out some top suggestions for booming social media growth for your start-up:

Chalk out a blue print

Writing down a SMM blue print is the first step. This should include the objective of your network-specific social media campaign and the goals you are determined to achieve. Give yourself a particular deadline and budget. If the plan doesn’t work within that frame, then replace it with the new one.  When you break down the goals, the undertaking would appear to be achievable.

Be confident with the “metrics”

The presence of your start-up in social media must not become an ego trip for you in terms of achieving high volumes likes/comments. Pay special mind to data like- how many times your contents have been retweeted? Are they shared on SlideShare? Do prominent niche-bloggers establish outbound links to your sites? These pieces of information will help in the organic growth of your brand.

Tap on the right social networks

Scattering your brand’s presence in every social media network would be mind-boggling for a newbie. So start specifically. In case your company is food start-up, having strong presence in visual medium such as Facebook, Instagram is a must. On the other hand, for a knowledge-based start-up , LinkedIn is a more important medium than Instagram.

Get inspired but not influenced

You must go through case studies before you implement your social media strategies. Which is the pioneering start-up in your field? Is there anything in its social media marketing that you can tweak and implement in your own way? Learn by examples of trailblazers but don’t lose your identity in the process.

Don’t lose on frequency

Are you targeting Indian audience or American? Depending upon that, the recurrence of your posting should be chosen. The time-zone is important. Posting something fascinating when it’s midnight for your target audience will be a lost opportunity. Additionally, publish minimum thrice-a-week. Don’t let your social media pages sleep be stagnant.

Learn the free tools

Building an online presence is costly. Mastering the free social media tools will only make the journey less-taxing-on-the-pocket. Keyword Planner or BuzzSumo will do it easier for you to right keywords content creation. Utilize Google Analytics to track the traffic, and other metrics your page is getting every day. HootSuite make it less demanding to manage all the pages from one place.

Focus on content

Focusing on content should be the mainstay of your social media marketing strategy.  Low-quality pictures on Instagram, misinformation in your Facebook post can downgrade the image of your start-up among clients. Along with building your product, create quality content also. This is the cheapest, most effective and organic way to gain more followers, bring on extraordinary customer engagement and retain loyalty.

Recruit energetic people

Recruiting right people in your social media marketing team is a crucial variable you can’t undermine. There are many marketing veterans who are still reluctant in handing SMM themselves. If that is the case, then don’t delay to tap onto fresh blood. On the off chance that budget is tight, then roping in experienced freelance social media marketers would be a smart approach.

Cross-promotion is key

Do you have an expansive number of followers on Facebook? Then request them to connect to your company page on Pineterest too. When you post a vital content in your company blog, share it in Google-Plus or Twitter as well. There are some cool apps that allow you to add free-of-cost “share” buttons on your Facebook post for Twitter, Insta and Pineterest.

Do social media audit regularly

Doing social media audits regularly can bring out one aspect clear- are your social media methodologies matching up with the pre-set goals and objectives? Which social media platform is leveraging best user-interaction? What is not working for the other sites? How your competitor is performing on them? Focusing on these answers is a must to measure the ROI on social media campaigns.

Make yourself accessible

Pick-up any prominent start-up these days and you will find that the CEO/founder has a mini celeb status herself/himself in the social media sphere. Let your Facebook profile remain open to follow for users. Share quality content with them, post intriguing pictures/quotations, do Q/A sessions in Quora or Reddit. In many ways, you can increase your customer engagement, which will reflect upon sales conversions in the long run.

Don’t afraid to think out-of-the-box

The essence of a start-up lies with innovation. Then why your social media strategy should be anything other than that? Don’t afraid to come up with creative and out-of-the-box ideas. Take help of various social media analytical tools like Moz, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics to guide you. You can pull off giveaways, Instagram series, podcasts, blogging contest and so many other exciting marketing tactics with social media- effortlessly.

Partake in groups

Regardless of whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, joining groups that belong to your niche increases customer engagement as well as number of followers. As a founder/CEO, put forth valuable points in the group discussions to draw in new users. Don’t hesitate to utilize the search bar of Facebook as well as Twitter to discover target audience. Follow the ones who have sizeable followers and quality tweets/posts of their own.

Bring on the humane touch

Obliviously you will be selling your product on your social media profiles, yet all the while, don’t lose the humane touch when you are communicating with the users. Take help of Facebook chat messenger that has made it easier with its bots these days, to dish out customized messages. This is a fantastic approach to win customer loyalty.

Stay informed with industry trends

There is such a variety of brands in the social media that you need to generate strong pushes frequently in order to stand-out.  Paid amplification of your brand or hiring internet influencers is ruling the roost in SMM right now. Utilizing Hashtags intelligently is another one. Don’t bombard your users with Hashtags. Do it in such a way that they find your content without getting irritated.

Developing your start-up’s social media presence can be both- exciting as well as intimidating. But with right strategies, smart execution and experimentation, there is no reason you won’t kill it.