Top 10 Branded Instagram Videos

Instagram serves as a huge, free advertising space just waiting to be claimed. Conveying the purpose and perks of your brand on Instagram shows your brand to a wide audience, especially if done the right way. To help you see the potential Instagram holds for companies, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 branded Instagram videos that globally promote companies for free.

These videos were selected as they best represent the successful Instagram marketing style of their respective companies and showcase the abilities of Instagram marketing to garner free likes. Even competing companies can feature different advertisement styles for similar results, proving the flexibility within Instagram video advertising.

With videos featuring everything from food chains to car manufacturers to entertainment conglomerates, and more, these uber popular branded videos will help show you how Instagram videos are the next big trend in marketing.

  1. Nike and Reebok
    These companies are known for sleek design and unique marketing campaigns. This Nike advertisement expertly captures the elegant grace and fashion they convey in their shoe designs through unique cinematography and sleek color schemes, whereas the Reebok advertisement angles for emotional reactions through the legacy and history of the company.
    Check out Nike here:
    Check out Reebok here:
  2. Burger King and McDonald’s
    These competing companies use equally conflicting marketing strategies. This strong Burger King video emphasizes cultural awareness to attract a younger audience by featuring popular songs and modern symbols of success. McDonald’s takes a more low-key approach in its video, using quick stop-motion animation to target a specific audience: college students studying for final exams.
    Check out Burger King here:
    Check out McDonald’s here:
  3. Lego
    Lego captures the fun of their product by emphasizing a bright, eye-catching color scheme with contrasting shades to attract and hold attention in this video.
    Check it out here:
  4. Nissan
    Social media may not be the primary way Nissan generates sales, but Nissan still takes their Instagram video campaign seriously. This video expertly uses the short time limit to create an engaging and exciting advertisement that generates interest for further investigation.
    Check it out here:
  5. Ben & Jerry’s
    The variety of flavors and options gives Ben & Jerry’s a wide appeal for all palates. This video features mouthwatering ice cream and fudge to entices viewers to purchase their product.
    Check it out here:
  6. NowThis
    NowThis is featured for its ability to compact entire news stories into short, digestible videos to encourage readers to check out the whole story. This quick breaking news post fully captures the formula they’ve perfected for quick news reporting.
    Check it out here:
  7. Disney
    Disney brings its well-known dual appeal for younger and older audiences into this Instagram marketing video to advertise an up and coming movie to both kids and adults
    Check it out here:
  8. Rachel Ryle
    Rachel Ryle showcases her animation style and techniques through short stop-animation videos. This video clearly and concisely promotes her iOS sticker packs, her book, and her services as an animator through an attractive, short sample of her work.
    Check it out here: